Water Quality Monitoring?  We have that covered!

ORTECH has the experience, expertise and resources to design, implement and operate cost effective monitoring programs for the continuous measurement of volatile organic compounds in aqueous streams. 

Municipal Water Quality Monitoring
ORTECH can tailor monitoring systems for municipalities where water quality issues are of concern due to various reasons.

Industrial Water Quality Monitoring
ORTECH has a great deal of experience with providing continuous measurement of industrial process streams (i.e. cooling water, effluent).  Systems can range from TOC measurement to specialized systems capable of sub-ppb analysis. 

Equipment Selection Criteria

•    Provision of detection limits adequate to compare to standards
•    Use of recognized methods
•    Use of well-developed, well supported technology
•    Reliable operation – data recovery of better than 95%
•    Can report on hourly basis by telemetry, and track trends over long time periods
•    Provide automated alerting for system problems or contaminants above “trigger” levels

Currently, ORTECH is managing 3 water monitoring systems including the Sarnia Lambton Environmental Associations system in Sarnia, ON.


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